With the purchase of 30 acres on the northeast corner of Moscow, the time has come to build our own campus, to plant a permanent flag, to create a home that will stand for generations.
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With the purchase of 30 acres on the northeast corner of Moscow, the time has come to build our own campus, to plant a permanent flag, to create a home that will stand for generations.

Our Need

We are seeking to fundraise $1.5 million to kick off a multi-phase construction project that will allow Logos School to expand and accommodate 700+ students across existing and new locations. Current estimates put the entire cost of construction at between $7M-$10.5M over 4 years however we have three onramps to building – commencing as soon as the initial funds are raised.

The proposed timeline and key milestones are below:

2022-2023 – Fundraise and Complete Property Site Plan and Infrastructure

2023-2024 – Begin Construction with Priority on Finishing 1st floor

2024-2025 – Open Campus with 1st Floor completion and 2nd floor and gymnasium

Created in the spring of 2016, this video is both a celebration of God’s great faithfulness through the years and a mandate to continue the good work of training up future generations – with Christ at the center of all our endeavors.
It reminds us all that much of what we are doing in education – both at Logos School and Logos Press – is exported to hundreds of classical Christian schools across this country and beyond.
Funny thing about mustard seeds…
Narrated by Douglas Wilson

From a Tiny Seed…

In 1979, God planted a seed in the hearts and minds of a handful of families… a hope… a vision for what Christian education could be. By His grace, the seed took root, and the dream became a reality. In the fall of 1981, Logos School opened its doors with eighteen students, and the community began to grow and flourish.

In those early years, much thought was given to curriculum. Due to our classical emphasis, few publishers had suitable teaching materials. Thus, Logos teachers and administrators began writing their own, custom-made curriculum to use in the classrooms. And Logos Press was born.

In the Spring of 1985, Logos produced its first graduate. Since that time, hundreds of young men and women have crossed the stage and received their diplomas. Logos graduates have been accepted at colleges and universities across the nation, including Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Hillsdale, New St. Andrews College, Princeton, Wheaton, the University of Alabama, the University of Idaho, the University of Pennsylvania, Washington State University, and many more. God has been very kind; our students consistently score in the top 20 percent or higher of nationally recognized standardized tests.

In 1991, founding board member Douglas Wilson wrote Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning. This book caught fire and produced so much national interest in the classical Christian approach that Logos School helped form the Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS). Today, hundreds of schools throughout the country and the world are a part of this association. These schools use curriculum developed at Logos School, send new teachers and administrators to our annual summer training in Moscow, and depend upon us to help support this educational movement at the national level through conferences and consulting.

Though Logos School has grown in size and influence over the last thirty-seven years (current enrollment is 422 students), our vision has remained the same: to graduate young men and women who think clearly and listen carefully with discernment and understanding; who reason persuasively and articulate precisely; who are capable of evaluating their entire range of experience in the light of Scripture, and who do so with eagerness, in joyful submission to God. It is to this end that we joyfully labor.

We have been blessed with the purchase of 30 acres on the northeast corner of Moscow. The time has come to build our own campus, to plant a permanent flag, to create a home that will stand for generations. We have the vision, we have the opportunity, and now we need the funds to develop the campus.

Logos School was founded and propelled to the present day by people with the faith, drive, and initiative to make a blessed dream a reality. Today we need friends who believe in our mission to financially support our cause.

Logos Stories

Construction Updates

So each generation should set its hope anew on God,
not forgetting His glorious miracles and obeying His commands.
PSALM 78:7

Achievement Through Participation

From the very beginning, Logos School has depended on the support of families in the school community and friends who share our vision. Some have generously given already. Thanks to their kind gifts, we were able to purchase the property, install the bridge, and begin work on infrastructure – running utilities, grading the site, and establishing playing fields.
We ask you to prayerfully consider supporting Logos School by making a financial commitment to the Campaign for Logos. Your investment in this campus – a permanent home for our students – will make an enormous difference to generations of families in this community and beyond.


To request a Campaign for Logos Case Document (a printed campaign package), please provide us with your name and mailing address. Thank you for your interest!
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