Chad Harvey: Well I’m Chad Harvey this is my wife Kat. We have been at Logos … this is our fourth year, fourth school year. And we have one son, Owen in third grade.

Speaker 2: Good, so tell me your … tell me your story. How is it that you’re not inventor … how is it that you’re [inaudible 00:00:22] just-

Chad Harvey: Well, so we had a … had all … the years up coming up to kindergarten [00:00:30] we had lots of plans. We knew we always wanted to classically educate. And we were aware of Moscow and the community in Logos and basically I had the opportunity for a project, a job up here and it was … it was going to last four or five months but then I didn’t want to take my son out of school in the middle of the year it’s kindergarten year. So I said, “Okay, well we’ll go to Moscow, [00:01:00] we’ll be here for nine months for a school year and then we’ll head on back home to California.”
And so two months in and everyone’s flourishing and I was just kind of like, “Well, okay, looks like we’re gonna be here awhile.” So, basically when we enrolled and came back up in January or whatever it was and it was kind of a no brainer when we were gonna sign up again for, for first grade and when it came [00:01:30] to work, I just figured I’ll just make it work. So we’re still here, now four years deep and loving it. So-

Speaker 2: Nice. It’s so different here.

Chad Harvey: Yeah.

Speaker 2: I mean everywhere.

Chad Harvey: Yeah.

Speaker 2: So, if you had, I mean there may be 22 ways to answer this and all of them are correct but-

Speaker 3: Can I?

Speaker 2: Sure.

Speaker 3: All right. You gave me the short version of that story-

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Speaker 3: I mean, holy cow that’s a … that’s a big change. What do you mean they were [00:02:00] flourishing. I mean-

Chad Harvey: Well, so-

Speaker 3: The schools can’t be that bad down in Ventura?

Chad Harvey: Well yeah. So basically think about it this way. Actually this is the way I explain it to people. I say, imagine a giant river flowing and, and if you were to start a school or start a church, [inaudible 00:02:18] church in California, you would be, you’d be plunking down in the middle of a roaring river that’s going against you. And the process of doing that, and we tried. The process of doing that is [00:02:30] grabbing people as they go flying by in the river. Just trying to just hang on and build critical mass from nothing. With everything in your face. And we did it for, I mean, shoot 10, 12 years. And, we didn’t even realize really kind of how tired we were and how burnt out we were until we got here. And I tell people, whereas the river now is the church and school here in Moscow.
So, there’s this kind of, this feeling [00:03:00] that this has been around here for a long time, like this has been here it’s established and it has history, it has its own culture, it has its own … its own critical mass. And so you jump in and you’re kind of like this doesn’t depend upon me. This is, this is here in spite of me and I just kind of enjoy it. Obviously plugged in and assertive and all that too. But the river was a completely different thing here in Moscow [00:03:30] with Logos and Christchurch and all that is just remarkable.
And so, when I say flourishing I just see my son come home and the continuity between what we’ve been trying to do his whole life and just seeing that continue with his teachers. With the same burden to see him become the man that he’s supposed to be. Not the one that culture tries to push on him but, but what the scriptures define as, as real biblical manhood. What is real success, [00:04:00] what is real ambition. And just, you know, making sure that the things we cared about were, were continuous. And she’s crying. That’s so-

Speaker 3: Yeah, did … what was going through your head as these conversations were happening?

Kat: So, before we came to Idaho what was going through my head was this.

Chad Harvey: What are you doing to me?

Kat: Don’t take me away from my surfing. And we’re gonna be in the land of [00:04:30] potatoes and dirt. And, okay, we’ll go. So then we show up here and we’re living. Suddenly we’re living. You know, it’s … suddenly we’re in this church community that comes around us when we go through trials. And they’re walking with us and it’s the community of Christ and my son is flourishing at school and he’s … the teachers are, the teachers [00:05:00] are amazing. They care about their souls, you know … and so-

Chad Harvey: Well yeah. I’ll tell a story … I don’t want to embarrass him too bad-

Kat: That … because I was holding back.

Chad Harvey: So, so the second day of school in kindergarten and I get a phone call. And said Owen’s been sent to Mr. Whittling’s office, the principal. And we were kind of laughing, we were like, “Oh, we’re gonna spend a lot of time in the principal’s office.” But we didn’t really believe that. Like we were just kind of like almost setting the standard really high like, oh you know, we’re actually setting the bar really low anyway. [00:05:30] And sure enough, the second I’m in the school I was like, oh gosh like I have to go in there and he’s already in trouble. Not just like teacher has an email home, like this is the principal’s office day two.
So I got there and he’s in Matt’s office and he says, and so I walk in and Matt says, “Well, you know Owen had a little … there’s an issue, someone cut in line and Owen got mad and shoved him. [00:06:00] And now he won’t apologize for it.” So Mr. Whittling left the office and Owen burst into tears. And he goes, “I don’t want to go to this school anymore.” And actually day one was the best day of his life. Day two I don’t wanna be here anymore. And I said, “Well, why not?” He goes, “I don’t want to go to a school where there’s liars and cheaters.”
And so we talked through it and he had Mrs. [Mercle 00:06:28] was a kindergarten teacher and [00:06:30] she’s phenomenal. So we talked it through and then Matt kind of comes back in and he said … we walked through the process. We said … we talked about that Jesus dies for people that cut in line. Jesus died for people that shove kids that cut in line. And it just kind of like, it was just so seasoned with the gospel, every step of the process that, that I was just like … I mean this was just phenomenal. I mean this is something that I would hope to do as I’m [00:07:00] dealing with my son and my wife hopes to do. And to see that happen when we’re not here, I mean, it’s unbelievable.

Speaker 2: So was day three back to-

Chad Harvey: Day three-

Speaker 2: Being the best day of my life?

Chad Harvey: Day three was good.

Kat: Day three was not-

Chad Harvey: No, I mean, he just … my son’s wired in such a way that he pops of bed like, “Let’s do this thing.” Like he is just-

Kat: Every day is the best … happy.

Chad Harvey: Every day is the best day of his life. And so and he’s just [00:07:30] had these teachers that have just enabled him and inspired him. And, it’s just funny. Because every year it’s like … Oh no, Mrs. Lloyd is the best teacher ever. And last year it was, “Oh Mrs. Kimbal.” And Mrs. McGiver. So every teacher is the best teacher ever. Every day is the best day ever. Every year is the best year ever. I mean, like, you get the point. But he loves it and he just loves all the kids and all the teachers and he looks forward to bringing donuts on his birthday and giving one to Mr. Whittling.
And that’s [00:08:00] the thing too. I remember when I was a kid the principal was scary. Going to the principal’s office or like … you kind of like didn’t want him to know who you were. You were … you wanted to lay low. Maybe that’s just more of a reflection on me than the principal but. But Owen loves Mr. Whittling. “Mr. Whittling.” As goes by he’s just, yeah he’s a rockstar to my son. And I’m just going like how … and same with our pastor.
So when your pastor and your principal are heroes for [00:08:30] your son. I mean, come on, like you can’t, you can’t beat that. You know, I mean that was one of the big things in California when … I would always tell my wife, Hey listen. I want the men and the women in his life to be people that he says, “That’s the kind of man I want to become.” And, and we just, we couldn’t find it honestly. We couldn’t. And when we got here I was just watching my son admire the right people. I mean it’s just, yeah … so.

Speaker 2: You know when we were talking about the [00:09:00] different people that we interviewed, we sat down and discussed a little bit why I picked the people I picked and what I was looking for. Everybody is a little unique and they have a different perspective … their story is different right?

Chad Harvey: Yeah.

Kat: Yeah.

Speaker 2: And I said if I could pull one kid out of class it would be Owen. Because he’s kind of electric. Like he talks and he’s not afraid to talk. [crosstalk 00:09:15] Like he’ll engage … I have two boys that will talk to any adult and they are fearless when it comes to just dialoguing. And Owen is-

Kat: That’s our baby.

Speaker 2: Owen is very much that. Everything that you’ve said has been awesome because there hasn’t been really much prompting. [00:09:30] You just, you just gave me about, you gave me about 10 minutes of gold that’s gonna be hard to edit. [crosstalk 00:09:36]

Chad Harvey: Perfect. I talk fast too so good luck kind of splicing in between.

Speaker 2: Actually, just led into some of the teachers, some of the themes of my leading questions you sort of covered. But-

Chad Harvey: I’ll let her say some of them too because she has.

Speaker 2: Well one of the things that set you all apart from … actually yeah, from some of the people we’re interviewing and certainly alumns and current students and things like that because some of them are younger. You’ve [00:10:00] already, as we look to the future and as we look to the campus, you guys have already made a commitment over a series of years to bringing that dream to fruition. But if you could just speak to … because you know this is all in the context of a social media campaign that’s trapping for three months and lots of different folks are sharing and it’s all edited and they’re pretty short snippets actually.

Chad Harvey: Yeah.

Speaker 2: But there’s so many things to invest in. You can do it all [00:10:30] I suppose but … depending on your resources but there’s a church going in and there are missionaries and there are compassion kids. And you guys took a chunk of resource that God has blessed you with and you trust plus your future I guess. And made a commitment to Logos.

Chad Harvey: Yeah.

Speaker 2: So, why that, why that? You know and as you think to the future in generations and stuff-

Chad Harvey: My department again.

Speaker 2: It’s all about you.

Chad Harvey: It’s all about me. [00:11:00] Yeah, I guess … let me think. So the Logos building campaign started, I mean obviously everyone had talked about it. We wanted a campus, we needed a campus. And, but we kind of came in right in the beginning of it. I mean it was all kind of spooling up right about the same … I think we came the same year-

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Chad Harvey: When you came Jean okay. Yeah, so. So we all kind of came in right as the plans started to come into place [00:11:30] for the campus. And it was just a no brainer. I mean really when it came to committing to it we saw the need, we saw what it would do for the school, for the program in terms of reaching more of the community, building … building longevity. All those kinds of things. I mean these are the kind of things that … what’s unique about Moscow is that people think in generations … they don’t just think like, “Let me get my kid through this thing.” People are always thinking about their grandkids and [00:12:00] great grand kids and … and I mean just watching … I mean having my son in class with second generation Logos kids, I mean it’s just inspiring for us to say, you know, whatever the Lord has like, that my son would value and love Logos enough that, “I can’t wait to send my kids here.” [inaudible 00:12:20] he says that.
But part of the building campaign is to enable that and help that and make sure that, that happens. [00:12:30] So committing to that was, was pretty simple actually.

Speaker 2: So you guys don’t actually. You’re thinking long term here. I mean you sold the, you sold the farm you don’t-

Chad Harvey: No.

Kat: No we didn’t sell-

Chad Harvey: I mean, we didn’t sell

Kat: [inaudible 00:12:45] weird.

Chad Harvey: Yeah, we still own our house but.

Kat: That’s the new normal.

Chad Harvey: Yeah, we still own our house and we still go down. Because, all of our family is still in California , all my familly … on my side. So, brother and sister in laws, grandkids, the whole thing.

Speaker 2: So you’re the only ones that are pulled out of that mix.

Chad Harvey: [00:13:00] Well, my youngest brother just moved. But we were the only ones for years … that camera’s stopped too. I heard it click, or did it restart?

Speaker 2: That was something else. It’s still rolling.

Chad Harvey: Just making sure.

Kat: You’re helping him.

Chad Harvey: I, I-

Speaker 2: I forgot to say something gold and you’re gonna miss it. [crosstalk 00:13:15]

Chad Harvey: No, no. I would-

Speaker 2: No, since it’s not … thank you because not a lot of people know that sound. The sound of a [crosstalk 00:13:22]

Chad Harvey: Something clicked and I was like, “Oh, hang on a minute.”

Speaker 2: I think something got [inaudible 00:13:26] with the lens cap. So that was that.

Speaker 3: So, knowing that there’s so much family [00:13:30] that you just enjoy thanksgiving, it’s all down there and they’re accessible by car and you can, you can see each other a little more frequently. It’s still as you look at-

Chad Harvey: I mean yeah. We’re still-

Kat: So you’re not gonna show this to your mom right?

Chad Harvey: You’re not gonna tell my mom are you?

Kat: Send this link to his mother [crosstalk 00:13:47]

Chad Harvey: No.

Kat: She’s pretty [crosstalk 00:13:50]

Chad Harvey: No obviously we, we’ve … actually funny when I … When it came time to enroll for a year or two I told [00:14:00] Kat. I said, “Hey, you know, and so you’re ready for another year.” And she goes, “Another year like how about 12?” It’s like, or 12. So yeah I mean, we haven’t thought a ton beyond that but again, listen, even if when Owen graduates we all scatter to the winds or whatever happens to be, not even in Moscow. Party fell Jean.

Speaker 2: [00:14:30] Repeat the scatter to the winds.

Chad Harvey: So let’s say, he’s still beeping over there.

Speaker 3: You’re on.

Chad Harvey: Even if … so let’s say in 12 years. I mean a couple … only nine more years now my son graduates and he goes off to some school in … we go back to California [00:15:00] or we move to Timbuktu, it doesn’t really matter. At the end of it, the fact that Logos is, is here and doing what it does and, and having the facility that it needs, I still feel 100% good about that investment because it’s valuable period. And whether or not my grandchildren benefit from it. I’d like them to, don’t get me wrong but, but that’s just as valuable either way. Yes. [00:15:30] She’s nodding, nodding and smiling.

Speaker 3: Beautiful.

Kat: I agree to that.

Speaker 3: You’re just an amazing doting wife. You’re just hanging on every word.

Kat: But I love to listen to him, he’s good at this.

Chad Harvey: She loves listening to me.

Kat: He’s good with [crosstalk 00:15:39] He knows what he’s talking about.

Speaker 3: Looks like you could tell [crosstalk 00:15:48]

Speaker 2: So the whole generational concept. You’re right that is rare.

Chad Harvey: Yeah.

Kat: Yeah.

Speaker 2: What … we have that vision now. What do you think that means for the community of Moscow, the Christian community of Moscow for [00:16:00] Christian education in Moscow 20, even 50 years from now?

Chad Harvey: You want me to talk again?

Kat: It’s expanding, it’s expanding his kingdom.

Chad Harvey: Yeah, I mean obviously-

Speaker 2: Kat you said that … I couldn’t quite hear you.

Kat: It’s expanding his kingdom.

Chad Harvey: Yeah.

Kat: So it’s not just one church. How many churches are represented at our school?

Chad Harvey: There’s 30.

Kat: There’s 30, so it’s the Christians in the whole community.

Chad Harvey: [00:16:30] Yeah again Moscow’s unique. I mean it’s … I was just talking [inaudible 00:16:38]. If you get an entire population of people and then you make over a tenth of them Bible believing Christians. And I mean like real people that really believe the Bible, like it’s just, yeah buddy.

Speaker 3: Coca cola [crosstalk 00:16:53] That’s gonna a concern.

Chad Harvey: So-

Speaker 3: Yeah buddy.

Chad Harvey: [00:17:00] So, where was I? So okay take any given population size and you make over a tenth of it like hardcore, Bible believing Christians and it’s just, it’s amazing like the influence it has. So when you, when you look around Moscow and you walk around Moscow, they [inaudible 00:17:24]. I grew up in California my whole life. So I mean, I always lived in cities that were over a million people. So [00:17:30] it was kind of like you never saw the same person your entire life type of thing. You see the same people everywhere, opening businesses and they’re starting restaurants and they’re … I mean it’s just, it’s remarkable because it lends a whole different dynamic and this goes back to my river thing.
So, I mean just the cultural way that Moscow has been driven and pushed by the believers in this community and a ton of our Logos grabs. I mean it’s just … I mean that’s awesome. And the fact, again [00:18:00] that it’s awesome that people wanna stick around and they do stick around. I mean find that somewhere else too. Right, where everyone else can’t wait to get away from their hometown, can’t wait to get away from the place they graduated high school. And it’s like people here are, not just because they’re settling though, they’re genuinely invested in the community and caring to see it flourish and grow even more, so.

Speaker 2: Capital. If I [00:18:30] was just moving to town and standing in line at Boosters and we’re meeting for the first time and I got school age kids and I’m a Christian. And … and you wanted to say something about-

Kat: At the gym, this happens all the time.

Speaker 2: Yeah, at the gym, that’s right. So this is that very thin-

Chad Harvey: You don’t even have to be a Christian, she’s done it for Muslims at the soccer field.

Kat: Yeah, I tried … Muslims come over.

Speaker 2: [crosstalk 00:18:47] at school right? [inaudible 00:18:47] I hate to use that term.

Chad Harvey: That’s fine. I’m just-

Speaker 2: Anyway you know what I’m saying.

Chad Harvey: You can cut that out.

Speaker 2: So if you-

Chad Harvey: Give us the elevator pitch baby.

Speaker 2: So give me the elevator pitch [00:19:00] in your words because I know that this is your real house because you’re so-

Kat: Like if I, like if I were chatting with one of the mamas at-

Speaker 2: Yeah, why … like yeah.

Kat: Why I love it?

Speaker 2: Yeah. [crosstalk 00:19:17]

Chad Harvey: Why they should send their kids.

Kat: Why should they [inaudible 00:19:18] their kids.

Speaker 3: Why should they, why should they come visit?

Kat: Yeah, why wouldn’t they send their kids? Like there’s … I just … like I think to myself that they have a teacher who knows them. They just don’t know they’re name they know everything [00:19:30] about their personality. They work with them, they know their sins, they know their strengths and they are are working … You know it’s hard for me as a mom … I miss my sone when he’s gone during the day. And she’s spending the majority of her day with him and I trust her. But we’re doing this as a team, like I’m not just sending him off and someone else is raising my kid for me. She’s guiding him and she’s helping him and she’s lassoing the little things that need to be reeled in. And then [00:20:00] he’s coming home and we’re working with the exact same things. We’re total, we’re a team.
So there’s something about, not just shipping him off to the nearest box, box where they switch classes all the time and, they just are known by their names but people are working with their souls everyday and shaping their souls and, I mean, there’s no comparing to that. You know.

Speaker 3: Beautiful, that was great.

Chad Harvey: Nailed it.

Speaker 3: So, I [00:20:30] wanted to make sure we got some of you because I know you’re capable because you’re like a walking billboard for the school, right?

Kat: I love talking about our school.

Speaker 3: [crosstalk 00:20:37] passionate about.

Kat: Yeah.

Speaker 3: And that comes through when you talk about it a little bit. Is there … we’ve gotten so much great stuff. Is there anything that you wanted to say that … You did sort of, you did this awesome monologue that’ll be hard to edit.

Chad Harvey: That’s my thing, that’s my thing.

Speaker 3: Exactly. That’s [crosstalk 00:20:52] constantly any of 150 other dads right.

Chad Harvey: I’m a monologuer, [00:21:00] fundamentally.

Speaker 3: Wind him up and watch him go.

Chad Harvey: That’s right.

Speaker 3: Is there anything else you’d like to … being as you’re all miked and you’re sitting here? You look so pretty in the lighting.

Kat: No.

Speaker 3: Is there anything else that either one of you would like to say that you haven’t shared yet?

Kat: I’m trying to think. I think that you covered all the bases.

Chad Harvey: I know. I just kept going and-

Kat: Oh, yeah, no I … there is one more thing. I probably [00:21:30] cry on a monthly basis at the school but for good reasons not bad reasons. But when he went to the principal’s office that first day, second day of school-

Chad Harvey: Second day of school.

Kat: Kindergarten it was … It was a discipline meeting and he calls me up and he’s like, “Oh, so Owen went to the principal’s office today.” And he walked me through everything that had happened and I just started crying. And he’s like, “Oh, are these good tears are these bad?” “Are you [00:22:00] kidding? This is exactly where we need to be.” Like I just, I just thought to myself like, no other school. I feel like they would let those things go. And it’s so good to just work on all these little things that are gonna make him into such a good man someday.
So, that was one of the things. But what was the other thing? That just triggered something.

Chad Harvey: I don’t know.

Kat: No, I cry on a monthly basis. So I love … at least-

Chad Harvey: In a good way.

Kat: In a good way. It’s a good crying. But whenever we go to the [00:22:30] assemblies, every single time when the kids are reciting or when the kids are doing a play or they’re, they’re explaining, Matt Whittling will get up and he’ll ask them, “Why is this an important thing of what we’re doing? Why do we obey when we’re blessing our parents?” And, every time it makes me cry. It’s like, it’s so much more than an assembly. You know it’s wisdom. [crosstalk 00:22:54]

Chad Harvey: Oh yeah, I mean yeah the very first assembly was, I mean it was, [00:23:00] it was something. We were, we were sitting there and … we didn’t know really what to expect. All of a sudden, she’s kind of all [search 00:23:07] coming out and we’re kind of looking at each other like, “Did we really just like tumble into the chocolate pie? Like what … how did we … how did this happen?” We just showed up and this is here and we’re a part of it and it’s just, it’s awesome, you know. So. Yeah.

Speaker 2: That’s great. You said that your son [00:23:30] is a go getter in the morning. He’s just like-

Chad Harvey: Yeah.

Kat: Yes.

Speaker 2: Why? What motivates him? Because that’s not normal.

Kat: No he’s not normal.

Chad Harvey: No he’s not normal.

Kat: This is … many people make comments everywhere we go. Wow, he’s real got a lot of life and-

Chad Harvey: I’d say he’s wired-

Kat: That’s how the Lord wired him.

Chad Harvey: He’s just wired that way. And again … and that’s another just a testament to the teachers. They haven’t stamped it out of him.

Kat: Right.

Chad Harvey: You know, they haven’t … They’ve taken who he is, who God made him to be and shaping and directing it [00:24:00] for the glory of God. I mean, so yeah, we’re blessed beyond belief with that kind of stuff because, because of his enthusiasm, energy level. I mean I just remember … I went to public school my whole life and so, when, when a kid like my son would show up in the classroom it was … they would just do their best just to just quell him and, “Sit [00:24:30] down and shut up and sit still.” And … here’s a funny thing like Logos is very rigid in those regards. I mean my son can’t wiggle. He can’t … I mean, as much as he wants to he’s had to learn over four years now, you have to stay in your seat and you can’t blurt out answers. And all the good self control things that we’ve been working on his whole life. But man, you know, the fact that they still let him be himself, let his enthusiasm.
His kindergarten teacher [00:25:00] said, you know … I always feel like if I ever, if I ever couldn’t teach the class and I had to step out, Owen could just keep running the class for me. Like, it’d be fine. And it wouldn’t be like, “Hey let’s go party now.” It’d be like, “No guys, now we’re gonna do this, now we’re gonna … now is spelling. Now we’re gonna do grammar.”

Kat: Maybe he’s a future Logos teacher.

Chad Harvey: There you go. Maybe that. But yeah so, he’s just … he’s been that way his whole life and it just … But again-

Kat: It’s joy. He has [00:25:30] a deep joy.

Chad Harvey: And he’s being harnessed and shaped and directed in such a remarkable way. And ways that honestly us by ourselves couldn’t. We don’t have that kind of capacity in that way. Just getting those opportunities with other peers and, and to butt heads with other kids and then all those interpersonal conflicts being actually solved with the gospel, as opposed to just, just “Stay away from each other.” It’s like no, [00:26:00] we need to be living at peace, we need to be offering forgiveness and asking forgiveness and, I mean, that’s so much of what’s shaping him.

Kat: It’s real life.

Chad Harvey: It’s real, it’s real life yeah. Exactly.

Speaker 2: One last question. What would you say to another Christian who maybe sees Logos from a distance and goes, “What’s so special? You could find Christian schools anywhere.”

Chad Harvey: “Send us your money.” That’s what I would tell him. Send us your money.

Speaker 2: [00:26:30] No really like what-

Chad Harvey: It’s a fundraising campaign.

Speaker 2: What would you say to someone who says, “Yeah, what … you can find a Christian school anywhere.”

Kat: No, because I gave the one at the gym.

Chad Harvey: Oh, what would I tell them about Logos?

Kat: [inaudible 00:26:43] a different. I mean why are you-

Chad Harvey: Yeah, I would-

Speaker 2: As a mom, I mean you, I assume you grew up in the faith.

Kat: Yes. Yeah.

Speaker 2: You grew up in a covenant family?

Kat: Yeah.

Chad Harvey: Yeah.

Speaker 2: So, you’re not unfamiliar [00:27:00] with this.

Kat: No.

Speaker 2: And yet there was something about what was available in Ventura that was lacking. So what would you say to someone who said, “You can find this, you can find Christian education … you can find classical Christian education anywhere.”

Chad Harvey: You can find classical Christian education anywhere? Well here’s … so I know you’re asking her but I’ll just pop.

Speaker 2: Yeah because I need help, because I don’t know where to go with this.

Chad Harvey: I’ll just seed it with this and this is gonna sound super arrogant but not on my behalf but on Logos’ behalf. That Logos is ground zero. [00:27:30] It’s the first of this modern classical Christian education movement. And so every other classical school. And again … So, even before my son was born I knew about classical Christian education. I knew it was the right way to do it. Or the best, the best way to do it. And then of course all roads led back to Logos in Moscow Idaho. So you got to go okay … They’re the standard bearer. And so [00:28:00] that’s why I would say, what makes Logos unique.
And here’s the thing. You would never sense that. No one at Logos … teachers, administration walks around like, “We are where this all started.” No one talks that way. No one even acts that way even though it’s true. We all know it in the community even watching it from afar for 10 years before I even got here. And so Logos has such a unique thing in that it’s never, it’s never drifted from that [00:28:30] original vision. And I mean … and so many other schools suffer that. Where it’s like they all started because they saw … a lot of them saw what was going on at Logos. We just need to somehow tap into that. And they start and they go along and then they shift and-

Kat: They change.

Chad Harvey: Change and modify to accommodate whatever it is. And, and at the end of the day Logos is still the same school with the same vision that it’s had for 40 years. [00:29:00] And so … The right people on the board, the right administration in place. The right teachers being hired. It keeps that continuity and so it’s predictable. And you could expect it. You can expect what’s gonna happen.

Kat: You know what I think it is? I think it’s the people. Like I just feel like you can’t like pluck these guys up and move them … do you know what I’m saying? Like I feel like it’s the people and it’s the Matt Whittling and I feel like the principal… I’m just talking because … [00:29:30] I feel like it’s like the principal’s hugely influential over. And if, if something’s a little off like, I mean that whole environment you would smell it. Like it would be, I don’t know. So I feel like it’s the people, which is weird because they’re irreplaceable. So, maybe, to me that’s what’s [crosstalk 00:29:56]

Chad Harvey: Yeah but still, you know, you keep the critical mass of the leadership [00:30:00] shared, with the shared vision.

Kat: Yeah.

Chad Harvey: And then even as people retire-

Kat: Yeah.

Chad Harvey: You know like Tom Garfield retired this year. And the school’s not gonna fall apart even though Tom was employee number one. And you know it’s not gonna fall apart because there’s, there’s dozens of other people, men and women that are holding the vision. And it’s communicated so effectively and, and everyone’s bought in. So you’re gonna see that continuity, keep going.